How To Uninstall Pro PC Cleaner From Windows 10
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Topic: How To Uninstall Pro PC Cleaner From Windows 10 / Getting trouble in uninstalling Pro PC cleaner because of its misbehave, so today we will introduce all possible ways that will surely work in getting rid of this cheap application.


Pro PC Cleaner is antivirus software that allows users to repair windows registry errors, removing unwanted files, useless apps, browser caches, histories & old cookies. It is typically used to free up space in your PC by deleting unnecessary folders, crash data & other things like standard stuff, which are slowing down your PC.

Why do you need to uninstall Pro PC Cleaner From Windows?

That act was disobedient after the installation, like unwanted ads pop-ups making it a Potentially Unwanted Program (PUP). It is considered VIRUS that installs malware, adware, toolbars, and harmful hardware materials that are not safe for your PC. Pro PC cleaner is a very 3rd party & and malicious application. That’s why it is categorized as Rough.

Currently, this tutorial is only for windows and especially for Windows 10 but some methods also work in Windows 7 and as well as in Windows 8.

If you are going to uninstall such programs, make sure that you have not connected to the internet because if such software detects these activities, it can cause significant problems in your system like trojan horse attacks, and some software is this much power that we can’t uninstall it directly. Some also ask you for ransoms, so it would be safe to disconnect your network from your PC.

We would recommend you to always use the best antivirus for your windows whether these are free or paid. you can read our 3 Best AntiVirus for Your Windows 10 & 11 to Protect Your System from All Threats (Free & Paid) guide.

If you are here completely a beginner in PC, then don’t worry, we will define every point very shortly and clearly, that if you only know how to open a PC, it can be very simple to you. By the way, there is zero per cent chance to get any possible problem through using these methods, but if any, then let us know so we will check those errors, so this could not happen to anyone else.

So now we will tell you some simple and easiest ways to get rid of this fake Program. We will try to tell you all the possible methods that surely help in this topic with attached snapshots and detailed descriptions.

[#1 Method] How To Uninstall Pro PC Cleaner From Windows 10 through Uninstall

Step 1

Open your PC’s desktop screen and refresh it.

(Tips- refresh your PC regularly for better performance.)

Step 2

Now open your Windows panel by clicking on the Windows logo on the screen. (you can directly open it by pressing the Windows key from your keyboard it could be the easiest way)

Step 3

Now scroll down your cursor to find the Pro PC cleaner application, if your application is installed recently then it will show you on the upper option recently added.

(You can also directly search for the application through the search bar as shown in the above picture or search your application after going to the windows panel by simply typing your application name it will be the same.)

Step 4

Now just right-click (through the Mouse) on your application, and now click on the uninstall or the third option.

Now your application is removed from your PC, and if you still have issues, then read other methods.

[#2 Method] How To Uninstall Pro PC Cleaner From Windows 10 using the Control Panel.

Step 1

Open your desktop and refresh it.

Step 2

Click on the Windows icon from the bottom left of your screen.

Step 3

Now search for the control panel by just typing it into it.

Step 4

Now click on Programs.

Step 5

Now select Program and features.

Step 6

Now scroll down and find Pro PC Cleaner.

Step 7

Now Right-click and select uninstall or Double tap on your application to uninstall it.

You can also go to the uninstall window by typing the control panel in the windows dialogue box. From the left column, select Uninstall a Program and choose your Program to uninstall.

[#3 Method] How To Uninstall Pro PC Cleaner From Windows 10 through Setting.

Step 1

Open your desktop and refresh it.

Step 2

Click on the Windows icon from the bottom left of the screen, or click on the Windows Key from your keyboard.

Step 3

Now Right-click on the Setting icon, your settings will open

Step 4

From the setting, the panel selects the Apps option.

Step 5

Now simply select Pro PC Cleaner, and uninstall it.


Is Pro PC Cleaner a virus?

Yes, it is considered VIRUS that installs malware, adware, toolbars, and harmful materials that are not safe for your PC. That’s why it is categorized as a Rough Program.


We think that our article will really work for you and surely you got your solution. Presently this tutorial is windows based only, but if you are a Linux user or another OS user, this tutorial will not work. If you want to also get a tutorial for your OS regarding the same problem, feel free to ask below in the comment box. We will try to post your query as soon as possible.

Also, tell us about our efforts and mistakes by giving feedback; thanks in advance.

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