How To Transfer Music From iPhone To Mac Without Software
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How To Transfer Music From iPhone To Mac Without Software – Introduction 

To back up your essential audio files on your iPhone or to listen to iPhone music on your mac, you may have to transfer music from iPhone to Mac. Unlike sharing photos or videos between an iPhone and a Mac, legal constraints make transferring audio from an iPhone to a Mac more difficult. Thankfully, moving music from iPhone to Mac is simple.

The methods provided here are practical and reliable when used correctly.  It can handle all of your music transferring demands as well as fix iOS stuck difficulties, and repair iOS systems. 

Method 1 – Easiest Way To Transfer Music From iPhone To Mac Without Software 

Step 1

Link your iOS device to your mac and go to the top navigation bar and pick “Manage.”

Step 2

Choose the Music section from the left pane, and then the Music type from the category drop-down menu. 

Step 3

The screen will show all of the music files on your phone. You may transfer music by selecting it and clicking the Export option in the top menu.

Step 4

The chosen music will be saved on the mac.

Method 2 – Sync Music from iPhone to Mac Automatically

Step 1

First of all, open your ios settings and go to the Music section.

Step 2

Now click on the sync library option. 

Step 3

Now on your Mac os device on the apple music application and go to music preferences. 

Step 4

Now land to the general tab and then enable the sync library option.

After performing this processer you will be able to automatically Transfer Music From iPhone To Mac Without Software. If you don’t use the same Apple ID on your iPhone and Mac, you won’t be able to pass music between your iPhone onto your Mac in this manner

Method 3 – Using iCloud to Transfer Music From iPhone To Mac Without Software 

Apple’s iCloud Music Collection service allows you to save your own music for free. It simply syncs songs among all smart devices and is a good substitute for iTunes if you really want to transfer iTunes from your iPhone to your Mac. But first, you must turn on the iCloud Music Library function on each of your devices. Unfortunately, since it’s an iCloud function, you’ll only receive the same 5GB of free music space. In any case, it’s a feasible means of music transmission, and here’s how to put it to use-

Step 1

Set up the iCloud Music Library on your iPhone by going to “Settings” and then “Music” on your iPhone.

Step 2.

Next, use the selector to turn on the iCloud Music Library option.

Step 3.

Do not even miss to hit “Keep Music” after enabling iCloud Music Library to keep your iPhone music.

Step 4.

Now launch iTunes on your Mac device and land on the “Preferences section.

Step 5.

Select “General” from the drop-down menu.

Step 6.

Enable the iCloud Music Library feature.

Step 7

Now press “OK,” and you’re set!

Why are songs not transferring to my mac?

Check to see whether your devices are continually updating the latest versions of iOS or iTunes. All of your gadgets should have Sync Library turned on. Make sure you have Internet access on all of your devices. By going to the Apple Status Indicator screen, you can see whether there are any disruptions.

How To Transfer Music From iPhone To Mac Without Software – Conclusion

This is how you may transfer music from your iPhone to your Mac without using Software. As a result, anytime you’re connected to the internet, your iPhone music will sync to your Mac and display in iTunes with a cloud symbol. You may download music to your Mac by clicking the cloud symbol. If the music does not immediately sync, keep in mind you have solid Internet or Wi-Fi connectivity.

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