See photos you liked on Instagram in Easiest Way in 2022
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Topic: How To See Photos You Liked on Instagram

Today, We are discussing a particular feature of “INSTAGRAM”. That is How To See Photos You Liked on Instagram.

First let me tell you that INSTAGRAM is a mobile application that can be used to share your daily life photos, stories, videos, best moments of life and travel updates etc. It is a huge platform through which you can connect to your friends, family & make new friends like you. It contains a messenger service also.

            While using this app we can share and like other people’s posts like pictures & videos. Also, we can share our thoughts about their posts in the comment box.

Now we come to our topicHow To See Photos You Liked on Instagram. When we like someone’s Photos on INSTAGRAM, We can see that photo on that person’s profile for some time.

 If that person uploads fewer photos like two posts daily (average). Then we can search that photo/picture for some days by going to His/Her profile and scrolling down old posts. 

But suppose, if you like a photo one year ago and now you want to see that photo again. Now scrolling down to see that photo becomes a painful and time-consuming process. 

Don’t worry! I’m here to ease your pain by providing a proven method to see photos you liked on Instagram”.

[Proven Method] How To See Photos You Liked on Instagram

See photos you liked on Instagram in Easiest Way in 2022
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Via: VistaCreate

All you need to do is, just follow these simple steps that are proven: 

  1. Open the instagram Application/WebPage on your device.
  1. Tap the Profile icon (Lower-Right corner).
  2. Now you are in your own Instagram account. Here you will see the Settings icon at the Upper-Right corner. Just Tap the Settings Icon.
  3. Now you have entered the profile settings menu. You can see the Account option in the list. Tap on the Account option.
  4. Again you will see a list of options. Scroll down the list to find the “Posts You’ve Liked” option and Tap on it

Hurray! You are done, my friend.

Now you can see all the posts you have ever liked on Instagram. Posts will be in chronological order, so it will be easy to access your desired pictures.


My friend, by following this article thoroughly, you’re able to see photos you have liked on Instagram. You can see pictures only you’ve liked on Instagram. Not others liked photographs or posts on Instagram; That means searching on the web for how I can see my friends/GirlFriend or Boyfriend liked photos on Instagram is just a waste of time.

If you need any further assistance, suggestions, or any query regarding this or Android, please feel free to ask by just writing a comment on the comment box.

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