How To Enable MMS On iPhone 6s
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Topic: How To Enable MMS On iPhone 6s

Why it is important To Enable Mms On iPhone 6s

When you enable MMS on your iPhone, you can transmit photographs, videos, music, and other types of media to users who have not had iMessage.

While this is normally the default setting, you may need to double-check it, particularly if you’re experiencing difficulties delivering media. SMS was an early text system used when there was a word restriction and you can not really send photos. MMS is a more recent text system that has no word or media limitations. Apple’s iMessage is the most recent iteration, allowing users to send texts over cellular data or Wi-Fi.

[Method 1] How To Enable Mms On iPhone 6s – Step by Step Guide

Step 1

First of all, open your iPhone 6s settings.

Step 2 

Now on the passwords section click on the messages option.

Step 3

Now on the bottom area click on the MMS option.

Step 4

If you haven’t, turn on the MMS messaging option.

How to turn off iMessage to send only MMS or SMS on iPhone 6s

Step 1

It will really reduce your data use and needs while increasing your mobile text consumption.

Step 2

Open the Settings menu.

Step 3

Now click on messages on the passwords and accents section of your iPhone 6s.

Step 4

Tap on iMessage just after that green hover becomes grey.

Step 5 

After this, your iMessage will turn off. You can now restrict your content.        

[Method 2] How to enable MMS on iPhone 6s manually

Step 1

Be on the menu. Select your preferences.

Step 2

Cellular is the way to go.

Step 3

Select the Cellular Data Network option. Manual setup is not possible if the Cellular Data Network is unavailable. Connect the printer to the internet and install the ‘Carrier Settings’ using iTunes in this scenario.

Step 4

Make the following changes to MMS’s details: Enter in the APN field. Enter nothing in the Username field. Enter nothing in the Password field.

Step 5

Enter under MMSC. Nothing should be entered in MMS Proxy and in the MMS Max Message Size field.

Step 6

Now select Cellular.

Step 7

MMS support has finally been enabled on the Apple iPhone 6s Plus. Return to its normal menu.

Step 8

Now MMS is enabled on the device. You may send a message to confirm the connection if you have cellular service.

What to do if the MMS feature would not work On my iPhone 6s

1. Check your cellular connection 

You can only send MMS or iMessage if your iPhone is linked to cellular data or a Wi-Fi connection. You may use or launch the Safari browser app on your iPhone to test whether your phone has network connectivity by navigating to a website.

2. Restart your device 

A light reset or reboot of your iPhone may assist eradicate modest system issues, which in this instance may have hampered your device’s messaging feature. During the procedure, none of your material or data will be deleted.

3. Check carrier settings

Certain software upgrades may also need updating your carrier settings in order for all functionalities to operate properly. Carrier settings updates are made up of tiny files that include Apple and network carrier changes, such as message and voicemail settings.

Conclusion – How To Enable Mms On iPhone 6s

Enabling MMS services on iPhone is not rocket science. You just have to understand the proper method which I have shared in this article briefly. All the methods discussed here are trial and tested. If you want more such troubleshooting guides, read our other articles and keep visiting this website.

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