How To Download Norton Antivirus Without CD in 2022
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Topic: How To Download Norton Antivirus Without CD in 2022? | Check Price

What is Norton Antivirus

What is Norton Antivirus
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Norton is a software method that includes protection services prevention, system optimization, and automatic backup to protect your system from all types of threats, increase Computer performance, and preserve your information from unauthorized access. This software safeguards your device against malware and other threats that may infiltrate your device. It also protects your computer from malware such as Trojan and viruses.

You can check your system and discover risks using this antivirus application, allowing you to take action quickly. Deception sites that aim to obtain your private data are likewise blocked.

What is the need for downloading Norton Antivirus without CD

To defend it against malicious programs You need to use an advanced and powerful antivirus tool on your pc. Norton Antivirus is one such ferocious predator, annihilating all malware. There are various reasons for not installing the software with CD such as unavailability of CD Drive and not being able to access the file on CD. In such cases, it is necessary to have the step by step information for downloading and activating Norton Antivirus without CD. This post will show you how to download Norton Antivirus without a CD. Just read the complete article to avoid confusion.

How To Download Norton Antivirus Without CD in 2022?

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How to install Norton antivirus software without CD and Activate It.

  • Step 1: First of all open your web browser and search for the Norton setup page on your web browser.
  • Step 2:  Once the browser loads, go to the URL bar and type in the Norton antivirus site URL, then proceed to the setup page.
  • Step 3: On the setup page search for the download button and click on download. On the following screen, click the Agree button before moving on to the Download option.
  • Step 4: After a few minutes your Norton setup file will be downloaded on your device. To access the setup file head toward the download directory.  
  • Step 5: To begin the installation, select the downloaded Norton setup file and double-click it.
  • Step 6: after the installation your profile will be visible from where you can complete the complete setup by following the instructions. 
  • Step 7: The Norton Download Manager will begin installing the service on your system when you have properly installed the programme. After that, you may start using the programme. You have the option of typing the product key when requested. This will properly activate the Norton service on your desktop.
  • Step 8: Run a first scan with the Norton antivirus programme when the setup is finished.

How To Find the Norton Antivirus Product Key 

After you have downloaded and installed and finished the setup process, you must now authorize the antivirus using the product key.

Step 1 On your user account menu goes to the product section.

Step 2 Now click on help and then the My Norton option.

Step 3 select the product and on the product key area, you will see 25 characters unique activation code.

How to activate Norton antivirus software on desktop and PC using the product key

After purchasing the antivirus membership the company provides you with a unique product key from which you will be able to activate the Antivirus setup on your desktop or PC. To have a deeper understanding, go through the stages below.

  • Step 1: First of all open your web browser and go to the company’s official website which is
  • Step 2: Now the homepage click on the sign-in button.
  • Step 3: enter your login credentials which you have used while purchasing the account of the Norton programme.
  • Step 4: Click on enter a new product key option.
  • Step 5: On the required field enter your unique product key which you have received after purchasing the Norton programme. Make sure each and every letter is correct. 
  • Step 6: Now click on Agree and download. Your setup downloading process will be started just after this.

Follow the above-mentioned steps to complete the installation and setup process of Norton Antivirus.

Some Great Features of Norton


Norton 360 protects your data and all of its vital data by preventing unauthorized and insecure interactions originating from any other device approaching your PC.

Webcam protection 

When an unwanted attempt to access your camera is detected, the antivirus alerts you and assists you in denying access. This is a simple way to avoid being watched online by hackers and, more importantly, to avoid prospective blackmail.

VPN encryption

It will safeguard your device from doxing and Cyber assaults. The VPN is particularly handy for users who often visit multiple websites and blogs since it assures that they may do so without getting affected.

Attack prevention

Norton antivirus provides you with attack prevention in addition to security features. This module scans network identifiers that resemble attacks and stops them before they reach the browser. 

How to Use Norton antivirus for free?

Users may test out most of Norton’s antivirus software packages for free for seven days without purchasing any plan. So if you want to use Norton’s services for free you should enrol for a 1-week trial programme.

How much does Norton Antivirus cost in 2022?

There are the company’s five main antimalware theft insurance packages which start from $34.99 for the first year and Norton 360 with LifeLock Ultimate Plus costs around $251.88. Security Ultra charges $29.99 during the first paid year and $119.99 after that, equating to less than $150 for two years of protection. You can also purchase Norton VPN to protect your android device.


So this was all about downloading Norton Antivirus without a CD. Norton antivirus software is excellent and received a positive rating from users. It has a lot of benefits over many of its antivirus rivals. I hope this article will be able to solve your queries. Comment down below if you are facing problems regarding it, we will respond as soon as possible. For more such content keep visiting our website.

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